How do I become a member?

Check out our membership page for details of how to join and application forms

How much does membership cost?

Memberships costs just 25 cent per €100. Check out our subscription calculator to check how much that will be for you - based on your salary.

How do I pay my Subscription?

Payment is made directly from your salary in equal instalments through the Salary Deduction Scheme, which is already in place.

Is Membership open to those who have retired?

Yes - but it is important that you re-apply for membership as it may not happen automatically from your salary deductions. You will find the application online or we can post one out to you.

What kind of things will the Society consider giving grant/loan assistance with?

The PSFS can help in a number of ways.

  • If you are struggling financially for any reason you can make an application for a grant or interest free loan. This would usually be where access to credit from a financial institution is not accessible to you or perhaps where you have fallen behind on repayments to debts you already have.
  • If you need assistance with costs such as essential legal fees, medical costs, care/support of a family member or unexpected expenses.
  • If you, your spouse/civil partner and/or a dependent dies, and this causes financial hardship, a funeral grant of up to €2,000 is available will be considered.
  • If you or a family member would like to pursue further education and can not meet all of the upfront costs, or may be due a refund of fees.
Under what circumstances are grant repayable?

You can request a repayable grant of up to €3,174 in order to meet an immediate expense which can be repaid at an agreed amount and where you would be unable to get a loan from a financial institution.  The Cases Committee will review your capacity to repay a grant and an interest free repayment plan would be agreed.

What happens if I move Department, get promoted or take unpaid leave?

You should confirm that your PSFS deduction continues from your payslip to ensure your membership has continued.  If for any reason your subscription ceases, you will have to reapply for membership and wait the required 13 weeks before making a new application.  You should also note that if you are available of any of the member benefits offered through Lyons Financial, that your membership must be kept up to date or it may affect any claim you have.

What happens to my application when I submit it?

When your application is received, it is reviewed by the Cases Officer who may then contact you by phone/email or in person, if appropriate, and go through the application with you.

You may be asked for further documentation to support your application.  It is then put to the Cases Committee, who meet at regular meetings, who will assess it and make a decision on appropriate assistance.

How often can I seek assistance?

Each application is considered by the Cases Committee in relation to the member’s overall circumstances at any particular point in time.

How Do I Avail of the Exclusive Members Only Benefits with Lyons Financial?

You must be a member of the PSFS and ensure your subscription is kept up to date.  All details on member benefits and how to apply directly with Lyons Financial are available here.

Who know about my membership or application for assistance?

The service is completely confidential and only the staff of the PFSF and your salary section will be aware of your membership.  We can liaise with 3rd parties on your behalf, but only with your written permission.

Who looks after the Subscriptions held by the Society?

A Supervisory Committee drawn from Members monitors the Society.  It examines the work and accounts of the Society in detail at different times during the year.

An external Auditor audits the Society’s affairs each year and the Society publishes a detailed Annual Report.

As a Friendly Society, the PSFS is fully accountable to the Registrar of Friendly Societies, is registered with the Charities Regulator and is a registered Charity as per requirements of the Revenue Commissioners