Any person who is permanently employed in the Service or who retires from the Service shall be qualified for admission to membership of the Society.

13 weeks continuous paid membership is required before making an Application for assistance.

How much does membership cost?

It costs just 25 cent per €100 to become a member. Please use our subscription calculator to determine the cost of your subscription on your current salary.

If you would like to join, please complete the online application here, or download the application here and return via post/email to the address below.

If you have a query click here to get in touch.

Calculator form

Please enter your salary to receive an estimate of your annual and weekly subscription fees.

Membership Application Form


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Salary Deduction Authorisation
I hereby authorise deduction from my salary, until further notice, a sum equivalent to twenty-five cent per hundred Euro (equal to 0.25%) of my inclusive yearly salary, such deduction to be made in equal instalments throughout the year, and pay it to the account of the Public Service Friendly Society.

Printable Application Form

If you would prefer to download, sign and post your application – please use the download application form button below